ELITEFUND is not a banking establishment, does not collect your money, we are a mutual help package, a financial liberation social network. We are all about casual association of millions of people around the world in financial jinx with a common goal of putting to an end to government dominance on funds distribution. These people can only consolidate thier capital even when it's only but a few; owing to a great number, that is millions of people, which already makes it to have the strength of growing everyday.

We provide  a platform where people meet each other for the sole purpose of solving each others financial odds. Proven from a well developed experience in Kuwait, we see need to extend our versatality to Africa of which we found out needed us most.

Instead of your normal way savings in banks where your funds are controlled, ELITEFUND is fixing and taking away the wing of banks' sails causing people to see the real sense of real-time investments.

ELITEFUND provides something better, lasting and fun, it is a platform where people help each other. Provide a link today and tomorrow you would be up. It's a principle of giving and getting this time in double folds. ELITEFUND provides that confidence that you not all alone, you will always be supported by someone out there.


We conect elites who need help to those who are willingly and ready to give help.

Been in the business of offering a way out of financial jinx we have been tasked to continue till the end of it's curse until there's a smile on your face.
Why do you bring money to enrich banks at an exorbitant interest because you are left with no other choice at the detriment of ordinary people.

You don't need to be big to create an impact and as well get great value. ELITE  FUND provides a platform with incredible technology, support and products of invaluable values.

You been completely confident, motivated and certain in your actions and make your mind to participate and change lives as well as yours, we kindly implore you to visit and read through all warnings and terms first. Ofcourse our Public Relations Representative experts are always ready to put a solution to any of your challenges as regards participation.

Start Helping and Start Living Better!!!